Kin-Ball in Slovakia

We founded Kin-Ball in the year 2013 over the Internet. We ordered our first ball, played with it at some youth sports events and luckily for us we got good feedback!

In October 2013 we took a part in an education for Kin-Ball instructors in Czechia. Since then the Czech federation is a kind of tutor in Kin-Ball for us.

In 2014 we formed our first male team and participated in the European Championship. After just half a year of playing Kin-Ball we didn’t end up last!

In 2015 we participated in the World Cup 2015 and we ended up in (perfect) 8th place!

In the years 2014–2017 we have had more than 200 presentations of Kin-Ball in Slovak elementary and high schools (see http://www.kin-ball.sk/skoly/prezentacie)

Thanks to those presentations there are now 97 schools playing Kin-Ball in Slovakia today! (see http://www.kin-ball.sk/skoly/hrame)

For the last three years we co-organized and participated in the Central-European Cup.

The young Kin-Ball players from the Slovak town Vrbové ended up on the awesome 3rd place at the first Junior Open in Maubeuge, July 2017.

We organized 10 lectures on Kin-ball for more than 210 P.E. teachers of elemetary and high schools (see http://www.kin-ball.sk/skoly/akreditacia)

We have already had 7 school tournaments so far. In spring 2018 we are starting the first season of our national league for elementary and high schools!

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